Darren Turner Medium

Darren Turner is a Psychic Medium and Tutor based in Northampton. His website was in need of an overhaul and he was aware that apart from Facebook he was getting very little traffic when people made appropriate searches in Google. Unless you knew his name people just could not find him on Google or Bing. www.darrenturnermedium.com

Darren’s customers also travel for up to an hour for face to face appointments in addition to the availability of telephone and Skype bookings. It was therefore important from a traffic perspective that Darren’s website came up within searches for all surrounding areas including Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Leicester.

Lilac James worked with the web development team to optimise all pages of the new site including the all-important regional pages.

Keyword research showed that the majority of customers search for ‘clairvoyant or medium/region’ or ‘psychic readings/region’. The team at Lilac employed their trusty on page optimisation mechanism, worked their back end magic and waited………….

6 months on Darren’s new site not only looks professional it actually works. As we type Darren has secured 8 x rank #1 positions for keywords including ‘medium Northampton, Cambridge and Bedfordshire’. A range of other keywords are also driving traffic for other services including his tutoring business.

Google Analytics however is the best judge, when comparing February and March 2017 with the same months in 2016 organic traffic has increased by an impressive 325%! Smiles all round.

Darren was a wonderful client to work with has been heard to say…. ‘Even he did not see that coming!’

GA Mar17

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