March May


March May is a renowned supplier and manufacturer of high-performance pumps and specialises in the design of seal-less magnetic drive pumps. Established more than 40 years ago March May has become globally recognised for high quality, reliability, and expertise in their field. Their innovative designs and high-profile partners have enabled the company to consistently grow, delivering adaptable solutions at competitive rates.

Despite their reputation in the industry, March May understood that they lacked a digital presence and this was impacting their potential to grow further and acquire new business. Lilac James was introduced to the company back in 2017 after their web developer realised, they needed professional SEO to maximise their Google rankings and drive traffic to the site.


Working alongside the team at March May we quickly learned their market, specifically their technical products and applications across the vast range of sectors they serve. We investigated how best to deliver, long term and sustainable results that would boost their organic SEO and digital profile.

Lilac James was able to conduct effective keyword research for the on-page optimisation project, discovering numerous keywords including stainless steel condensate pump, industrial pump manufacturers and brew pumps. Our team was able to identify new target markets that were seeking products and solutions the company had. Discovering these target markets and their search terms allowed us to maximise March May’s potential to grow further and serve specialist solutions to these sectors. Manufactures

A full on-page optimisation project was undertaken, optimising all website pages for specific keywords that different industries were searching for. To meet the newly identified target markets, we created additional pages that would bolster unique and highly relevant content for searchers. Content is paramount as part of an SEO strategy; thus, it was imperative we added copy that would profile March May for what they are, leaders in their sector.

After completing the on-page optimisation project, our teams initiated the off-page optimisation element. It became apparent that March May’s competitors had a distinct advantage in their backlink profile with many links coming from sites with high domain authority. Backlinks with a high domain authority offer great signals for Google that the site is trustworthy, reputable, and insightful for visitors. After commencing a full competitor analysis, we were able to analyse the backlinks and identify secure links we were able to emulate. Soon after the analysis, we began building content for third-party sites, ensuring it was unique, informative, and conforming to Google’s guidelines

Google Ads

Google Ads campaigns can be a very effective tool to boost a site’s traffic and reach the searchers that are requesting your business solutions. Our team discovered that March May’s existing Google Ads campaign was spending a significant amount of money per month, but they were unaware of their ROI. Lilac then took control of their Google Ads account and addressed all issues, including restricting Ad Groups to exact keyword matches. This ensured that ads would only display based on a specific keyword made by searchers.

The Google Ads campaign is now managed monthly with reports clearly identifying the search term that the user entered into the search engine before they clicked on an ad. The click-through rate has considerably improved and unnecessary expenditure on irrelevant keywords has ceased.  Importantly traffic is targeted, relevant and converts well to paying customers.


The Lilac team is very proud of what we have been able to achieve with March May and their current rankings show major improvements. After three years, the site has achieved thirty-nine page one positions for target search terms, the highest level of organic traffic they have ever had. These keywords have boosted site traffic, providing more leads and conversions to sale. Their digital profile grows stronger each day and we have been able to truly reflect March May’s leading position in the industry.

Here is what Dominic Nott, the research director in March May had to say about our digital marketing services.

“Since starting our partnership with Lilac James, I have nothing but great things to say about their service, level of detail, and customer support. We have seen our digital presence increase consistently in a competitive market that has seen increased website traffic, higher positioned organic results, and more enquiries. Monthly reports allow us to track our online presence and with Lilac James’ expertise, we have been able to identify new areas to focus on inline with our business goals.

Operating in a specialised sector, Karen and the team have worked tirelessly to understand our market and provide insight into new opportunities to take our online presence even further. We are looking forward to our ongoing partnership with Lilac James and to see where the future takes us.”

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