How Lilac James ‘on-page’ and ongoing SEO services, coupled with our effective regional SEO strategy helped Origins of Motion achieve:


371% increase in organic traffic from search engines


53 New Page 1 Rankings


Page 1 Rankings in large nearby population centres such as:





Milton Keynes



468% increase in direct traffic


Lilac James have been working closely with Origins of Motion since 2019 when they put together our fantastic promotional video (plugged below...) and we conducted the ‘on-page’ SEO optimisation of their website.


Origins of Motion are a fantastic video production company based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire who specialise in hyper creative video production and social media distribution services.


At the start of the project the Lilac Team researched regional based search terms as we understood that the target market looked for videography companies close to their business location. Their target market are seeking someone they can meet with to understand and interpret their business and creative objectives. 

The largest search demand locally was in Cambridge, so their highest page authority web pages were targeted towards Cambridge with keywords such as ‘Video Production Company Cambridge’. We then created and optimised other pages targeting other high demand population centres such as Hertfordshire, Stevenage, Milton Keynes and Peterborough.


Additionally, the website was optimised for a range of national search terms relevant to the service offer. From an SEO perspective, this is known as maximising the long tail keyword, accepting that sophisticated users will use long form search terms to locate specific services.


In November 2021, Origins of Motion then became an ongoing SEO client whereby we continually drive monthly activity including blogging, content writing and link building to develop and grow their search engine visibility not just locally but across the region. 


The results speak for themselves and are continuing to rise.


Now Origins of Motion capture key search demand not just in their local area, but dominate page 1 for a range of search terms in the highest demand area of Cambridge and have many page 1 rankings capturing demand from other high demand areas listed above.


Due to the high buying intent behind people searching for products and services via SEO, this traffic increase has dramatically increased the flow of qualified leads into Origins of Motion. 


We also mentioned a 468% increase in direct website traffic. Direct traffic is influenced by SEO as once someone visits your website and is interested in your products and services, their browser will remember your URL so when individuals then want to revisit and type ‘origins…’ their website will populate the full URL for the searcher to simply hit ‘Enter’.



Origins of Motion are highly acclaimed videographers that set out to produce high quality cinematic visual media to businesses looking for something with sharp delivery. With the average user on the internet only having an attention span of 8 seconds, it is imperative that messages are communicated via the most effective media. Video has proven to be the most engaging media on social networks receiving 70% more interaction than a standard graphic post.


Founder and content creator Andrew Heathcote exclaims; ''6/10 people would rather watch online videos now than television! It’s a huge stat that shows just how far consuming media online has come. I can definitely understand it as probably half of the film/video content that I watch is now on YouTube. Have you noticed yourself watching more of YouTube and less TV over the past years?''



The Lilac Corporate Video


Great believers in practicing what we preach the Lilac team have just worked with the team at Origins of Motion to produce our very own promotional video. It can be daunting contemplating such a project, where do you start? What should you include and leave out? Will we feel self-conscious being filmed?


We need not have worried the production team were amazing, real professionals and masters at getting people to relax in their environment. The Origins team compiled a series of film clips, conveying our very ethos in just a few minutes. Communicating our experience and our brand message in a succinct and fun way. Really a first class experience all round – you however can decide for yourself…


Whether you are a small, medium or large company you should never underestimate the effect that local SEO can have on your business. Optimising your website for searchers close to you is increasingly important as 97% of customers now search for local businesses online.

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