Spencer Carpentry specialise in bespoke handmade beds, wardrobes, furniture, and kitchens. Owner and manager Scott Spencer has years of experience providing carpentry services for customers seeking a tailored service. Scott approached Lilac James back in 2019 when he wanted to build and develop his company’s online presence and generate more leads. Our aim was to improve his Google search results and increase organic traffic to the site.


As Spencer Carpentry operates in Cambridge, St Neots, Huntingdon and the surrounding areas, we needed to optimise the website for regional search terms only, as Scott did not need to compete for search terms nationally. The initial task was to identify relevant keywords that the client was not already optimised for. Full keyword research was undertaken which highlighted several localised long-tail keywords that we could capitalise on. Keywords such as ‘fitting stairs in St Neots’.


Once we had detected these regional search terms, we were able to create landing pages which, when optimised correctly, are more likely to display on page one of Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). We created a page for Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes and optimised it for 'Bespoke Wardrobes in Cambridge, St Neots, Huntingdon & Bedford'. This page is now on page one of Google driving traffic and more importantly leads.


Another crucial aspect in optimising for local SEO is to create a Google My Business (GMB) account. This allowed Spencer Carpentry to not only appear in local search engine results, but also in Google Maps too. This generates more opportunities for businesses who operate regionally, like Spencer Carpentry, as it puts your company’s profile in front of thousands of visitors who are looking for services in their local area. GMB also has a review system which allows anyone searching to read other customers feedback and testimonials, which could sway them to giving you their business! A good amount of reviews on your GMB profile is also important to improving your local rankings on Google and appearing in the 3-pack. Following this logic, we advised that the site should also include an additional testimonial page as it would raise the credibility of the services Scott provides and assists with our SEO strategy.

SEO work will never deliver instant results, but we are pleased to report that Spencer Carpentry Cambridgeshire now has 13 page one results, and a further 10 rankings on pages 2-5 of Google SERP. With the optimisation work only completed in October 2019, we are thrilled to have achieved so many keyword rankings in such a short space of time, with positions improving more each month.

As many of Scott’s competitors have been working hard for years to improve their digital presence, there is still has a way to go which is why we recommended ongoing off page optimisation work to help increase his websites domain authority, thus further boosting his rankings.


Whether you are a small, medium or large company you should never underestimate the effect that local SEO can have on your business. Optimising your website for searchers close to you is increasingly important as 97% of customers now search for local businesses online.

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