St Ives Golf Club became a client of Lilac James in March 2017 when club Manager Gordon MacLeod came to us for help with the club’s virtually non-existent digital and social presence. With a strong vision to transform the club and bring it into the modern digital world, we were tasked with implementing a full social media management project.

Our key objectives were to not only generate awareness of the club and thus increasing membership, but to also act as a point of information and an area for existing members to socialise. The social media has been pivotal in generating ‘team spirit’ among existing members, as well as encouraging new.

The Lilac James team took over the reins of the St Ives Golf Club Twitter, as well as creating a new Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Through a combination of organic management and social media advertising, it was not long before the social channels began to attract attention from the local community and golf fans. With a carefully crafted content mix, we ensure the page appeals to not only golfers but families too, with the golf club putting on a number of social events and fun days throughout the year.

The Facebook page has exceeded 600 follows so far, and receives a consistently high level of engagement. In one month alone the St Ives Golf Club Facebook page reached 35,286 people, received 318 page views, 64 new page likes and 6,382 post engagements.

Here is what Gordon MacLeod, Club Manager, has to say:

“Immediately taken with the well-rounded professionalism of the team in regard to their expertise and awareness in the social media and wider marketing management specialisations, it was immediately clear that this team could take the awareness and understanding of St Ives (Hunts) Golf Club to an entirely new level locally, indeed, to an entirely new audience.

Tasked with implementing a full social media management project from a standing start – well-intentioned, enthusiastic amateur dabbling in previous years had achieved nothing – Karen and her team transformed our online and, consequently, local area presence in the space of 6 months.  Our Facebook reputation, critically amongst members but also with non-members is, in a word, outstanding.  The team’s clever and nuanced use of a combination of traditional Facebook activity, sponsored posts and advertising campaigns has had a real impact and direct correlation in an unprecedented increase in our membership, the targeting of key visiting golfer groups and, moreover, a tremendous increase in the use of our social and hospitality facilities by local groups, businesses and organisations.  A similar story can be told from our exceptionally well-managed presence on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Lilac James have been critical in helping put the ‘traditional’ golf club on a proper business footing, generating a sense of team spirit amongst members and, critically, playing a direct role in income generation of the business.”


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