The focus on what we eat and where it comes from has never been greater. 2016 to date has seen a big increase in media attention in this area. Animal cruelty groups, vegetarian and vegan associations have been prolific in their distribution of highly disturbing material. This material is highly suited to social media channels meaning that the general public is now much more informed than they were.

Increased exposure of the food industry has certainly had an effect on the Lilac team. As a company of animal lovers the reality of intensive farming and methods of slaughter is very upsetting. That is without considering the health effects of antibiotics and growth hormones in animal feed and the toxic amount of plastic in our seas.

Managing multiple social media channels as we do the topic therefore was never far from our discussions. Lilac is currently a team of 9 and with nearly half of us vegetarians already it was a natural leap to ‘could we be Vegan?’

The desire was there but natural concerns surfaced; ‘what about the many recipes we cook now that call for cheese & eggs?’ ‘Will we be able to eat on the go?’ ‘What happens when we eat out?’

We have a saying at Lilac – ‘don’t think it, do it!’ We realised we should take our own medicine. We will never know until we try. There are a myriad of alternative, cruelty free products out there and we owe it to the animals to at least make an effort.

So that is why we are now launching a month long Lilac Vegan Challenge. We are asking all customers, suppliers, employees and associates to share our experiences and possibly participate in trying some of the many products and recipes we will be featuring.

We will be encouraging the general public to comment on our posts, share their own experiences, recipes and photographs. We know from research already conducted that the Vegan community is wonderfully open, warm and supportive.

Our thanks and gratitude are already extended to 3 fantastic Vegan organisations who work tirelessly to reduce animal cruelty:

PETA UK – www.peta.org.uk
The Vegan Society – www.vegansociety.com
Animal Aid UK – www.govegan.org.uk

Wish us luck, the one thing we can promise we are unlikely to be quiet about it!

March 2016